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Monthly Archives: February 2013


Kate and Turk doing their chores

Much like cooking, doing chores around the house is a great way to teach responsibility, improve ability to follow directions, and can be lots of fun if treated as such.  Kate has a list of daily chores that she is expected to do with little or no prompting.  They are all very simple and age appropriate, but are not up for negotiation.
  • She sets her place at the table before each meal.  
  • She brings her dishes, cup, and utensils over to the kitchen sink after each meal.
  • Before nap time and bedtime, or if we are leaving the house, she puts all of her toys away.  We have a bin or drawer or cabinet in each room, so this is pretty easy for her to accomplish.
  • After bath time, she puts her toys back in the bath bag.
  • When I sweep or vacuum, she gets out her broom or vacuum and “helps.”  While this isn’t particularly helpful, she loves to do it, and is a good practice.

Some things that she also does with prompting and assistance.

  • Separating her and her sister’s cloth diapers, and putting them into the correct drawers.
  • Matching up socks.
  • Putting her laundry into the proper bins.  We have one for shirts, one for pants, one for skirts, and one for socks, so this isn’t too challenging.  Anything that needs to remain neat just gets hung up by me.
  • Loading and unloading the plastic kid things out of the dishwasher.
  • Putting new toilet paper rolls on the holders.
  • Dusting with a duster.

And perhaps her most important and most dearly loved tasks of the day; feeding, watering, and training the dogs.  Oh yes, you read that right.  She trains the dogs.  I can’t take credit for that one.  She started that all by herself.  Our biggest struggle since she learned to crawl has been that she wanted to play with the dogs food and water.  A few months ago, I wondered if I could manage this situation in a different way other than just constantly telling her no, so I put her in charge of making sure that they always had food and water in their bowls.  She checks their bowls constantly, and will get their food herself, and bring me their water bowl saying “Watee them” which I am pretty sure means “Water for them.”

It didn’t take long before my little copycat kid had noticed that when I gave them their food, I made them sit, stay, and wait until I said “ok” before letting them eat.  Sure enough, she started doing the same.  Then she took it one step farther, and started asking for cookies for them throughout the day and doing sit and stay work.  I can’t say they minded!

Kate has plenty of playtime every single day.  We do all sorts of fun things in and out of the house, so please don’t think that I keep her nose to the grindstone in any fashion.  But I do expect that, young as she is, she can still be learning to respect her home and have some responsibility.  You should see how proud of herself she is when she finishes any of these tasks, and when she gets a “well done my love” or a stamp on her hand to thank her for helping, she just lights up.